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Providence Chiropractic utilizes cutting edge systems and X-ray technology in order to deliver the most specific, scientific chiropractic care. We are focused on going beyond the surface symptoms of your health problems to address the underlying issues. Dr. Jessica Harden is excited to be partnering with the Fort Mill and South Charlotte areas to create the healthiest environment for our families through principled and scientific chiropractic care.

Meet the Team

At Providence Chiropractic, our mission is to help you reach your maximum health potential through a holistic, non-invasive, and whole body approach. We provide the most advanced chiropractic care available and are dedicated to practice members.

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Fort Mill Chiropractor What to expect on first visit

What to Expect

Find out what you will experience when visiting Dr. Jessica at Providence Chiropractic in Fort Mill and Charlotte for the first time.


Our Technique

As technologies advance in various health care professions we believe chiropractic should be no different.

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